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Help us continue a 57-year tradition!


For the fourth year in a row, Smart Cow supports Outdoor Lab by donating part of a day’s sales: Tuesday, July 15 & 29

Guest Blogger: Shannon Hancock, Executive Director, Outdoor Lab Foundation

Imagine waking up in your bunk in the Colorado wilderness, strapping on some boots and spending a day with friends in the great outdoors that has now become your classroom.  Over 6,000 sixth graders from Jefferson County get to do this for a week every year as part of their regular science studies.  Outdoor Lab is a week-long hands-on science school that teaches kids stewardship of themselves, others, and the world around them while learning geology, astronomy, navigation, physics, hydrology, biology and so much more!  It’s a life-changing rite of passage that has touched over 365,000 kids in Colorado over the past 57 years.

Outdoor Lab Foundation is making sure this experience continues for generations to come.  We have been lucky to partner with Smart Cow for the past three years. They were huge partners with us when it looked like the schools might have to close due to budget cuts.  Thanks to strong ongoing community support and businesses like Smart Cow, the program is thriving.  It takes a whole community to make sure this happens. Join us at Smart Cow on Tuesday to show your support of Outdoor Lab.  Come because you can’t wait to go to Outdoor Lab!  Come because you went in 1985! Come because your son came back last year and now can’t wait to go hike each weekend with the family!  Come because your daughter became a scientist at NREL because of the passion for science she learned at Outdoor Lab!

We won’t tell anyone it’s because their cake batter gelato is life changing!  See you Tuesday!


Creative Curriculum Provides Real-World Experience

Recently, Ms. Burke, a middle-school literacy teacher in Chilton, WI asked her students to write a persuasive essay to encourage people to eat at their favorite restaurant. We are pleased to feature Shayla’s fabulous essay here. Kudos to teachers who find unique and fun ways to teach kids about our world!

Shayla is the author of this persuasive essay encouraging people to eat at Smart Cow

Shayla is the author of this persuasive essay encouraging people to eat at Smart Cow

Do you like frozen yogurt? If you do, you have to come to Smart Cow! It has a whole bunch of flavors for everyone, no matter what age! Why should you go to Smart Cow? Here are some great reasons:

Smart Cow has the most fantastic frozen yogurt ever! It is way better than other shops. They have 76 rotating flavors and everything from tangy watermelon to salty caramel. You get to pick whatever you want. There are no limits to how much you can have or how many flavors you can get. You could get a little bit of everything if you wanted. What other yogurt shop does that? Plus to top it off, they have the biggest toppings bar ever! They have everything from cereal to fresh fruits. You have to try their frozen yogurt. It is not an option. The yogurt melts in your mouth just like cotton candy. Come try the creamy and fantastic yogurt at Smart Cow today!

Smart Cow’s decor is chic and playful. The space is wide open and welcoming. Often, it is crowded because it is so good! The room has a lot of colors and is set up to just flow. First, you grab a cup, then you go down the long line of yogurt choices. Next, you go to the huge topping bar. After that, you sit down and enjoy the colorful frozen yogurt. You can sample all the flavors to help with difficult decisions. My favorite place to eat is at the chalkboard table. It is so fun to color while eating! I wish I had one. The ball chairs are super-cool, too. You need to come see how cool this place is decorated!

Service at Smart Cow is great! You could ask them a million questions and they will answer with a smile! They clean up any messes within a blink of an eye. Plus, they restock everything really fast so you always have fresh food. Everything is super clean. I wish there was one in Chilton! If you want great, friendly service, go to Smart Cow!

So just saying, if you like ice cream, you will LOVE frozen yogurt, which Smart Cow makes the  best! If you don’t go, you will regret it! It is my favorite place to go and I can’t wait to go again. You should go, too. I promise you will love it!


Respect Through Example

Project Unified teammates, partners and supporters at Douglas County High School

Project Unify teammates, partners and supporters at Douglas County High School

Guest Blogger and Smart Cow staffer Katie Sexton is our featured writer.

My name is Katie Sexton and I’m a senior in high school. I’ve been involved with a club at school called Project Unify for about eight months now; this club provides an opportunity for students, also known as partners, to team up with students who have special needs.  The partners hold practices and scrimmages for each of the three sports – football, soccer, and basketball – which gets the athletes involved year-round. Games and tournaments are held for all the athletes of the Project Unify groups of the schools in the county. Project Unify also does many other things including a Freezin’ for a Reason polar plunge, in which all the students in the school are encouraged to raise money for Special Olympics Colorado and plunge themselves into the Arapahoe Reservoir  in the beginning of March. We also just concluded our Spread the Word to End the Word campaign week which allowed all students and faculty to sign a poster and pledge to end the use of the “R” word (retarded).  This club not only gets the students involved but also spreads awareness of special needs. We practice acceptance and promote equality to all people.

Becoming a partner was one of the best decisions that I could’ve made. Seeing the athletes and fellow classmates develop not only physically but as athletes, demonstrating sportsmanship and friendship, has truly been an eye-opening experience. Watching their eyes light up when they make a basket or score a touchdown is something really special.  Smart Cow Yogurt Bar was generous enough to help me and a few others fundraise for the club. Because of this, we were able to buy new equipment and jerseys for the athletes.   I was able to live out the motto of Project Unify, and leave the world a better place, all with the help of Smart Cow.