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Respect Through Example

Project Unified teammates, partners and supporters at Douglas County High School

Project Unify teammates, partners and supporters at Douglas County High School

Guest Blogger and Smart Cow staffer Katie Sexton is our featured writer.

My name is Katie Sexton and I’m a senior in high school. I’ve been involved with a club at school called Project Unify for about eight months now; this club provides an opportunity for students, also known as partners, to team up with students who have special needs.  The partners hold practices and scrimmages for each of the three sports – football, soccer, and basketball – which gets the athletes involved year-round. Games and tournaments are held for all the athletes of the Project Unify groups of the schools in the county. Project Unify also does many other things including a Freezin’ for a Reason polar plunge, in which all the students in the school are encouraged to raise money for Special Olympics Colorado and plunge themselves into the Arapahoe Reservoir  in the beginning of March. We also just concluded our Spread the Word to End the Word campaign week which allowed all students and faculty to sign a poster and pledge to end the use of the “R” word (retarded).  This club not only gets the students involved but also spreads awareness of special needs. We practice acceptance and promote equality to all people.

Becoming a partner was one of the best decisions that I could’ve made. Seeing the athletes and fellow classmates develop not only physically but as athletes, demonstrating sportsmanship and friendship, has truly been an eye-opening experience. Watching their eyes light up when they make a basket or score a touchdown is something really special.  Smart Cow Yogurt Bar was generous enough to help me and a few others fundraise for the club. Because of this, we were able to buy new equipment and jerseys for the athletes.   I was able to live out the motto of Project Unify, and leave the world a better place, all with the help of Smart Cow.



Grateful to Give

Student Letter

“The kids at our school need a good education, and you’re helping.”

To date, our five locations have donated over $66,000 to schools in our communities. Letters like this one, from a student whose school used our donation to purchase laptops, make it so worthwhile. Watching schools put our funds to good use for their students is what we love the most about our little yogurt shop business. Thanks to you, this partnership to help schools deal with challenging budgets is working.


Our fifth location opens in Menomonee Falls, WI


Click here to read about our newest Smart Cow Yogurt Bar, in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin. Congratulations, Jenny and Kaitlyn, who will be bringing awesome yogurt to customers and needed funding to area schools!